Everything I Never Told You

My review of Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You for the New York Times Book Review appeared in print last weekend, and is online. This is an interesting historical


Last Friday, my partner Dustin and I decided to get out of our apartment and go to a film in an actual theater. I chose Snowpiercer because we both love Bong

I Don’t Even

I pick this blog up again after a 4 month absence, and will begin with the usual blog apology: I’m sorry to have left this off. Especially as, time after time


The simplest definition of a MacGuffin is that it gives the characters something to do in such a way that the plot is made around it. The term comes from


Every now and then you get to change the world.     Thanks to everyone who helped make the noise that made this happen. You’re amazing. I’ll be telling my

Moonlit Dance

I am visiting my mom in Portland, Maine this weekend. We had a beautiful dinner at Fore Street and then we went to the Portland Museum of Art, where I