New Mug, New Novels


I get a new mug, as I begin work on a new novel.

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New mug for a new novel.

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I am working on a new novel because the previous one is finally in production.


A friend writes. She remembers how it was when she first moved on to a new novel, and warns of the way a new draft can depress you after all the long hours on something finished.

I thank her. It would be easy to think I’d forgotten–but I do remember. It was agonizing, and with Queen, seemed to extend for years.

The new novel doesn’t seem to be like that, though.


More specifically: The Queen of the Night is finally, officially, truly on the road to publication. The dates are being discussed but the season will be the Fall of 2015, which for Houghton, extends through February of 2016. I’ll be updating with news here as I get it. I’m very excited to finally share it.

In the meantime, there’s a new novel to work on.

Thank you all for your patience, readers– I’m very grateful for it.

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