Everything I Never Told You

My review of Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You for the New York Times Book Review appeared in print last weekend, and is online.

This is an interesting historical moment for me personally: as an Amerasian writer, being able to review a debut novel about a biracial Chinese and white family, set in 1970s Ohio. The main character is a little older than I was then. I remember being treated quite often as a spectacle, as a child–a spectacle, an experiment, an oddity. Also: a freak, a family crisis. Both grandfathers did not attend my parents’ wedding. I have more to say about the novel and will either blog it here or write an essay on it, somewhere else, but for now, do consider reading this novel, it is a genuine literary thriller that tries to examine the politics of the time through the very personal lens of these characters lives. 


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