I’ve been slowly alphabetizing my books and discovered there are a few books I own three copies of.

1. Voyage in the Dark, by Jean Rhys
2. The White Album, by Joan Didion
3. The Bloody Chamber, by Angela Carter

I did go through a phase where I was buying copies of books I had in storage. I was living in many sublets, and missed my books. But I apparently didn’t sell any of the duplicates, and then went on to keep purchasing them, as if I both couldn’t forget them and couldn’t remember if I still had a copy at home. The White Album I own in paperback and mass market paperback, but I have three identical copies of the Bloody Chamber in paperback, plus a fourth, high-end Folio Society edition of it (that is stunning–everyone should get this). And two of my Voyage in the Dark copies are the same edition as well.

Also, I can’t sell any of them. I tried to put some in the sell pile and then couldn’t. I have no idea why I have this attachment.

I’ve been away from this blog a long time, I know. I’m back to regular updates here. See you again soon.

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  1. At the Baltimore Book Thing, you can drop off any books or magazines you no longer want. They also provide free books for anyone who wants them. It is a wonderful way to pass on books you no longer want or need, and it’s less guilt producing to pass on the duplicates you have an inexplicable attachment to. When I inventoried my books years ago, I found duplicates as well. It took a few years before I could release the to the Book Thing.

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