1. What happened to your post I just read? Calling the Romney about-face what it really is????

    This was my reaction and what I tried to post:
    What a refreshing read this fine morning. He lies so much he doesn’t even know he’s lying. Isn’t that what happens to a habitual liar? They’re caught up in it and can’t stop if they want to. Best quote of the week, perhaps of the month: “Romney’s not a presidential candidate at this point, he’s a dystopian novel.” I think the Obama campaign should run some ads with that as the headliner. Plus I think it is despicable to use the death of American diplomats to try and gain an edge in a political campaign, as Romney did the morning the news broke and continues to do.

  2. I really enjoyed this piece, and this is coming from the self appointed Patron Saint of As-Yet-Unpublished- But-Highly-Delusional-Writers. I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

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