We’re Off

It was around this time in 2003 when a young editor by the name of Dave Daley (now at Five Chapters) emailed me to ask if I had any work that had been sitting in a drawer. I did. I had approximately 30 pages of a novel I’d begun one morning in 2000, when the voice started speaking to me in my head as I lay half-asleep in my Brooklyn apartment. I remember I stood up, flipped open my laptop and started the coffee.

Ok, I remember thinking. I guess we’re off.

I both loved and hated what I came up with, and it made no sense to me. And yet it haunted me and so I put it away. When Dave wrote to me, I thought of it immediately. I pulled it out, looked it over, made some changes to what was then the first chapter, and emailed it off to him, to publish in the Hartford Courant’s Sunday magazine, a special issue, in January of 2004.

Last Saturday, I’m happy to say, I finished the most recent draft and sent it to my publisher. I’m very happy with it, and while there’ll be some changes to make, the book is very close to being scheduled. I look forward to updating you soon with that news.


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