Some Current Events That Belong To Me

I am happy to report receiving two Pushcart Prize nominations this year, in fiction and nonfiction respectively. The Good Men Project wrote to say they had nominated my short story “My Next Move”, and The Morning News has nominated my essay “Fanboy”.

Also, I’ve turned in the first half of my novel, the second goes out tomorrow. More news on The Queen of the Night soon.

Next week, meanwhile, please join us at ABC No Rio in New York for the launch of Finite and Flammable, the zine about zines. I’m a contributor, with a short memoir of zine-making in my 20s that has me wanting to do one of my old zine ideas again. If I am going to do it, I’ll announce it that night, Wed. Dec. 7th. From 7-9.

Meanwhile, back to your regularly scheduled Koreanish programming, with me writing some more posts here on graphic novels I’m reading with my class at Columbia this fall. Also keep an eye out for my interview with the legendary Daniel Clowes for Bomb, coming soon.

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  1. Good news/good luck! I am happy to report being nominated for Best of the Net 2011– go figure! Very much looking forward to more Koreanish.

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