My Hedge Witch Chronicles

This week I published a review for Lev Grossman’s The Magician King over at NPR, and then followed up with an essay at the Morning News of me, well, wanting to be a Magician King, though I think, on reading Grossman’s novel, I had more in common with his Julia character, the hedge witch—the girl who learns her magic by herself, with no help from any special school for wizards.

I was a hedge witch, then.

This essay is called “The Querent”, and is about my relationship to the Tarot, magic and fortunetelling.

I love the stunner of an illustration with it (above), commissioned for it from the amazing Lauren Nassef. Lauren, if you read this, you should consider doing a whole deck. It would be a big success, I think.

And now, back to revising my novel.

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