On Reading This Blog As An Unfinished Book

For those arriving from Kyle Minor’s post at HTMLGiant on how to read this blog as a book that hasn’t been finished yet, page 1 is here. If you’d like to read it front to back, that is, instead of in reverse order from most recent to first. But to be clear, after that Kelly Link post, it is not very narrative, not until the post Welcome to Conquer. Most of what is between those posts does eventually develop into my thinking about the economy, the war, writing, dystopic visions, etc, but is mostly just bits of reading or video I found interesting around the web, and then some dialogues between me and friends.

It was funny to read back, to my first meeting Tayari Jones. I feel as if I’ve always known her.


  1. So where is “The Queen of The Night?” I have been waiting to buy it ever since you read from it at the Wesleyan Writer’s Conference.

    1. It’s right here! Almost. I’m turning in another draft Thursday. More news soon. Larry, thank you for checking in, I appreciate it.

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