Hudson, 11/11/10, 4:15PM

This is the view from the bench at Hudson’s train station on Thursday, as I waited for the train that took me to Albany’s College of St. Rose.

Every now and then, I have someone surprise me with an astute reading of my work that gives me a glimpse of myself I’d never otherwise have, and Thursday was one of those days.  Professor Kim Middleton in this case, who introduced me, gave me some very smart observations to think about, including quotes from students’ papers about my novel.  It was a beautiful thing.

Thank you to all of you who came out to see me and Kathleen Rooney read. And to the hilarious Daniel Nester, my host, and the wonderful Kim Middleton, and the great, great students there.  As I finish my edits on the Queen of the Night, it was felt good to go and be so well-appreciated.


  1. When will the novel be available? and where can I first buy it? I heard you read at Wesleyan Writer’s Conference, and I have been hunting your new book ever since I heard that marvelous section about the train station.

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