In Which I Try to Explain the Lost Finale

[Scene: A hotel in Los Angeles, a room with a view of LA below us. My boyfriend Dustin and I have a bag from In ‘n Out Burger open on the table and we’re eating Double Doubles after a weekend spent celebrating my brother’s 40th birthday there. I keep smacking my forehead in disbelief at the sad, tragic sideways dimension storyline in which mundane versions of the characters meeting each other are transposed with montages of the great scenes from seasons 1-3, and some of the other seasons which were not as good, reminding me that the show is now terrible. Dustin asks for me to explain as he never watched the show. The below image flashes on the screen.]

In a dimension next to ours, Sawyer meets Juliet and they remember another dimension when they had a meaningful, life and death love. And it reminds us the finale is terrible.

Me: They’re in this dimension to the side of the one they were in, and having memories of things that happened in those other dimensions. Those clips are from previous seasons. But it just reminds you that the original moments were so much better.

Dustin: So, basically the audience is watching something they’ve watched before but presented in a new way, and it’s supposed to make them feel nostalgia?

Me: Yes. It’s… like a metaphor for all of television now.


  1. I keep trying to analyze the finale in a way that makes me feel better about the show but can’t… The best I can do: everyone dies in the original crash and the entire show was Jack’s final moments before dying in the jungle. Yes, I know that’s terrible as well but I cannot bear the purgatory theory. Or the pathetic “love” flashs.

    Your post convinces me that it’s time to give up. Or pretend the last episode happened in an alternate timeline.

  2. Hahahaha Dustin was probably like, I am SO glad I didn’t waste 6 years of my life on this show… oops sorry.

    I was really unhappy with the finale. 😦

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