This is the Spurwink Church Meeting house in Maine. To the right of this is my father’s grave. My sister was married here, so my father could be there, and celebrated her wedding on House Island, off the coast of Portland, the oldest continuously settled island in the state. There’s an old whaling camp there that is now a place you can get a lobster and some chowder on a tour of the island.

My brother celebrated his wedding on House Island as well. At that time, the late Hilda Doolittle, an old family friend and the matriarch of the family that owns House Island, asked me when it was my turn.

“I don’t know,” I told her. “But when it is, I’ll be here.”

Maine, help me be a part of my family’s traditions. And keep my promise to Hilda. Vote No on 1.


    1. Fingers crossed. Watching the live video of the party. It’s getting a little close right now but we’re ahead.

      And no, it’s a coincidence. She was nothing like that HD, but she was a marvelous, amazing woman.

  1. I’ve been to Maine twice in my life — once when I was a little over 1 and so I have no recollection of it. The second time, it was the summer before 4th grade. We drove up from Jersey, which took us two days (felt like forever from little kid time). The city escapes me now, but I have the fondest memories… we went hiking in Acadia National Park, ate lobster, a bee flew into my apple cider, went lobstering. I had my first caffeinated tea (my mother decided I was “grown-up” enough) at some cafe with a park/lawn thing in the back. My brother and I buried some treasure that for the life of me, I can’t remember the details of, in that park, lining smooth white stones in a circle on top of it to mark it. We said we’d go back and dig it up one day. I loved the trip so much that I did my 4th grade state report on Maine, wrote to the state for information that came in a big fat white envelope – full of glossy tourism materials too.

    All of this is to say, Maine, I have such fond memories of you and have always wanted to go back. Please don’t diminish that a little by being ignorant like California.

  2. I’m sorry about Maine. Why are people, when left to their own devices, so remarkably stupid? Or are they just small and scared? Either way.

    Also, I just finished Edinburgh. I’m blown away and not at all ready to talk about it yet. Or, wow.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. Thanks for coming by to say so. “Wow” is one of the best things a writer can hope to get out of a reader.

      Desegregation wasn’t accomplished with a vote. It had to come from the courts, the federal government. Rights should not be put to a vote for any minority. James Madison was pretty clear about that.

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