The Warrior’s Way

Some Korean news I’m thinking about:

  • Kim Jong Il is not so busy with the Euna Lee and Laura Ling controversy that he doesn’t have time to, uh, give notes to the performers of Eugene Onegin.
  • Also, North Korea has a cafepress store. This may be complicated by the recently tightened UN Sanctions.
  • I am spending a lot of time thinking about the Tomb of Dangun.
  • Sngmoo Lee is releasing his film with Jang Dong-Kun and Kate Bosworth, The Warrior’s Way, and while I feel like it borrows too much from The Lone Wolf and Cub, I’m warming up to it. (Via AngryAsianMan)
  • The Long Road Home is a newly published account of a man who began as a lieutenant colonel in the North Korean Army, and then, after accusations of treason, ended up in Camp No. 14, one of North Korea’s most terrifying gulags. Where he survived for 6 years, working 2400 feet underground, before escaping to the United States.


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