The Warrior’s Way

Some Korean news I’m thinking about:

  • Kim Jong Il is not so busy with the Euna Lee and Laura Ling controversy that he doesn’t have time to, uh, give notes to the performers of Eugene Onegin.
  • Also, North Korea has a cafepress store. This may be complicated by the recently tightened UN Sanctions.
  • I am spending a lot of time thinking about the Tomb of Dangun.
  • Sngmoo Lee is releasing his film with Jang Dong-Kun and Kate Bosworth, The Warrior’s Way, and while I feel like it borrows too much from The Lone Wolf and Cub, I’m warming up to it. (Via AngryAsianMan)
  • The Long Road Home is a newly published account of a man who began as a lieutenant colonel in the North Korean Army, and then, after accusations of treason, ended up in Camp No. 14, one of North Korea’s most terrifying gulags. Where he survived for 6 years, working 2400 feet underground, before escaping to the United States.


  1. I’m always obsessing about Dangun. Having grown up with stories of talking animals and animal spirits…it pervades my entire conscious.

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