The AAWW Debut Fiction Vespa Raffle

The Double A, Double W (as I like to call it) is throwing down hard this Thursday with a debut fiction reading and a raffle benefiting the workshop. The top prize is a brand-new Vespa LX50, in the iconic Robin’s egg blue.


One thing I learned in Greece last summer is that I could rent a scooter, put a liter of gas in it and then drive it for two days all over an island. And ever since, I’ve wanted one. Instead, all I have is my 94 Geo Prizm, which gets 35 mpg, but still, is not as slick as this.

They’ll announce winners at the Debut Fiction Night this May 21, Thursday, and you don’t need to be present in order to win. You can support Asian American literature long distance, with just a click at . There you can buy a ticket for just $10, and the winner will be announced on their twitter page at 9pm Thursday night.

For best results, buy books by debut authors Karan Mahajan (Family Planning: A Novel (P.S.)), Rakesh Satyal (Blue Boy), Sung J. Woo (Everything Asian: A Novel), and Paul Yoon (Once the Shore). You can arrange them around your apartment and read aloud from them while you hit refresh on their twitter page and it will be almost as good as being there (okay that’s a lie).

If you want to be there, which you do, because all of these 4 are writers you’ve been hearing about, go to 16 West 32nd Street, take the elevator to the 10th Floor, hand over your 5.00 suggested admission and buy your raffle ticket, maybe in advance just in case. And then mingle. Meet actual people.* If you’re not from NYC, that’s btwn Broadway & 5th Avenue, in New York’s Koreatown. Afterwards, celebrate at Mandoo Bar down the street, and order Kimchi mandoo, which is what I’d do, if I was there, and when I mean celebrate, celebrate being so close to really good mandoo. Whether or not you win the bike.

And now I’m going to buy my ticket.

*At the risk of being crass, the AAWW brings out a lot of really good-looking people to their readings. Did I just write that? Yes. It’s true, though. A lot. Okay, that’s done. Make your choices!

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  1. a vespa!! how cool! maybe i should trade in my car now that i’m leaving socal…

    i haven’t been to an aaww event in a long time… once i move back to ny, i’ll def have to start going again – they do some cool stuff, and it’s great to see them giving so many asian debut authors some love.

    and seriously. mandoo bar. gotta love those baby mandoo!!!! plus now that they’ve opened a bcd across the street… it’s all about the mandoo soondubu. i’m salivating just thinking about it. i miss ktown.

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