The Kogi Taco Truck of LA

  • The search for the legendary Kogi taco truck of LA.
  • The disembodied book comes of age?
  • “The key thing to understand about Korean Mom punishments is that they will not make sense. Ever. It will not teach you that you have done something awful, or that you have made bad life decisions, and it will definitely not build character. It will simply let you know where your pain threshold lies, and whether or not you should seriously consider working out.” Via Stuff Korean Moms Like
  • The Globe and Mail takes a look at A.S. Byatt on the publication of her new novel, The Children’s Book: Before the 1880s, pregnancy was often a death sentence for the mother or the babe or both, Byatt observed. “The wicked stepmother was actually a real person because your mother was quite likely to have died when you were born and you had a stepmother who quite naturally preferred her own children. Unless, that is, she was a saint.”


  1. 1 – kogi truck. i wish it were in san diego. i keep hearing about it that i’m thinking about driving up to LA just to look for it. i miss korean food, haven’t had any since i moved out here bc i left all my korean (and korean food-loving) friends back east. sigh.

    2 – i refuse to believe this. there will always be a demand for printed books. right? right? okay i admit i only read the first 2 paragraphs of this thing, but the idea of the printed book going out of style makes me ill. nothing beats new book smell, a smooth spine, a grainy new cover. nothing!

    3 – this is hilarious. thanks for this site. im going to have to pass this along.

    4 – i read this. i hope i never grow to lose my taste for tragedy. but it gives me hope that it’s not required to be prolific (or a young novelist) to be considered a great novelist.

    1. 1 – I predict more will be on the way.
      2 – I think there always will be books. But I also think the book was, until recently, the most efficient delivery system for the content, and now that is less true.
      3 – Yes!
      4 – Neither are required, it turns out.

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