Books and Blogging: Luc Sante, Ed Park, Emily Gould, Marie Mockett And Alexander Chee At The LWC of the CLMP

This Saturday I’ll be on a panel on books and blogging at the CLMP’s Literary Writers’ Conference, with Luc Sante, Ed Park and Emily Gould, and moderated by Marie Mockett.

If I’m exhausted and feeling like my life belongs to too many people besides me, I’ll probably be talking about the neurotic relationship most literary writers have to blogging, which is to say, that it’s something you can’t afford to spend a great deal of time on that is then published online and used forever to judge you by strangers. I am, for example, a writer known for intensely poetic prose, but if I wrote like that on this blog you’d see a post a week at best and no new fiction ever. Marc Acito called his blogging a “loss leader” at last week’s Wordstock conference, which I thought was funny and sad both, but…I like his blog.

If I got some good sleep and I feel like my boundaries are good, I’ll talk about how blogging is its own form with its own demands and possibilities, and how if you do it, you should commit to enjoying it, even make a game of it, and not make it the internet equivalent of leaving postcards for your book on every store counter.

Last year’s conference was excellent, and in particular I enjoyed the lunchtime interviews Amanda Stern conducted with Mark Doty and Myla Goldberg, and last year’s blogging panel, where I discovered the lovely and enjoyable Ron Hogan, who has one of the few Twitter feeds that is actually interesting to follow. Come down and say hi.


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