‘Foxes’ Preview, Page 1

Teddy O’Connor, my friend and collaborator, has finished page 1 of the graphic interconnected stories (comic?) that we’re doing, called Foxes. He sent this over to me. It’s blank as I’ll be adding the text in later, but this is how the story begins.

I love it.


  1. Thanks, guys. The script for the first issue is done, and I’m working on the second, just…for the record.

  2. Shouldn’t the guy’s hair be red? Or is he not the Fox. Anyone going to morph or use magic? After finishing Edinburgh, I will never look at a Fox the same way.

  3. Thanks, everyone. John, the guy in the last frame is about to morph. He just doesn’t know it yet. And that’s all I can say.

    The red hair isn’t where you can see it, also. And that again is about all I can say…

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