Short Talk About Coldplay On SNL

Scene: Somewhere in Northampton, at my friend Randy’s handsome apartment. It’s after midnight and rain is pouring down.

Visiting Friend of Randy’s From NYC: Uh, is…what are they wearing? Why so many ribbons?

Me: It’s Goth Pirate. French Goth Pirate. It’s huge. It’s very Peter Pan and Wendy.

[author’s note: Peter Pan and Wendy get skinny jeans, that is…]

VFRNYC: They look they escaped from Les Misérables. Why are there so many ribbons?

Me: That’s part of it.

[moment of contemplative silence]

Me: It’s probably Hervé Léger or something. I like it.


  1. I love that they make their clothes. That is VERY Peter Pan and Wendy.

    Gwenyth is the perfect Wendy for them.

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