I Am Tired Of Watching People Who Don’t Even Believe Themselves


  1. David Lat thinks he’s clever, but in fact he’s spoiled and an ass. That’s someone with nothing to lose (so he thinks) in an election. “Wickedly cynical.” Give me a break. Narcissism like that is probably charming to his friends, but…I’ll stop.

    I find the deference thing so puzzling. THAT should get some treatment, for sure. I fear it won’t. The Charles Gibson interview will tell us a lot. If he tries to make her declare and be clear, then we should expect more of that. If not, then I think she’ll get the “not worth it” treatment…which is a gift to McCain and a curse to us.

  2. thanks for the david lat link. very interesting. he seems to regard the election as some personal form of performance art. too bad he isn’t getting his home foreclosed upon or is sick without health insurance.

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