Published Fiction For When Political Fictions Are Not Enough

  • My friend and classmate Chris Adrian is reviewed in the Times today for his excellent collection of stories, A Better Angel, just out from FSG. From the review:  In “Stab” Calvin becomes mute after his separated Siamese twin dies of leukemia. “After he died I found him, not just in mirrors, but in every reflecting surface,” Calvin thinks. “Ponds and puddles or the backs of spoons, anything would do. And always the last thing he said to me was, ‘When are you going to come and be with me again?’ ”Soon the speechless Calvin befriends his neighbor Molly Pitcher, who lost her parents in a car crash and preys on animals with a dagger, a cherished gift from her father. Calvin joins her on nocturnal quests in and around their gated community as she moves from smaller critters to larger mammals.

    “Not one bit of suspicion fell on Molly or me,” Calvin observes. “Everyone considered me strange and tragic, but utterly harmless. Molly Pitcher was equally tragic, but widely admired. With her blond hair and her big brown eyes, she was the picture of innocence, and she acted perfectly the part of an utterly good little girl. Sometimes I thought it was only because she stabbed that she could play the part of her sweet, decent self so well.”


  1. Nice review. Made me look up the reviewer, who happens to be from Austin. Then I read a short story that reminded me of you and your writing. It’s called “Chuck Paa” and it was written by David Ebershoff. He’s not as lyrical, though.

  2. Thanks. The stories are great. I love the title story in particular, and have taught it occasionally. My students loved it. Many of them have been published in magazines.

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