Traders Betting Palin Will Leave Ticket

The Huffington Post reporst that the Intrade Prediction market has opened bets that Sarah Palin will withdraw from the GOP Ticket. They’re betting right now it’s an 18% chance. Why, you might ask?

That last one isn’t really about Palin but it’s good to know.


  1. I would like to think that McCain hasnt’ got a chance, especially after this frankly insulting running mate choice. However, I would remind you that this county elected George W. Bush. Twice.

  2. This whole sideshow just makes me laugh at this point, and I’m probably not going to stop laughing until I’m out of popcorn.

    In an interesting change of scenery, I now go to a predominantly conservative school. You should’ve seen the faces of all the people who are speaking out for her now when she was first announced for the ticket. It was a priceless moment, you’d think they were watching an infant get clubbed.

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