never dark palace. made looked said.

Jane Kokernak at leafstitchword sent me over to Wordle today.

Below is a word cloud using the pages of my unfinished new novel, The Queen of the Night, that I read from at the Wesleyan Writers Conference last week.

And this is of my essay up at Guernica.


  1. I love it, but now that you’ve both done it, I just can’t. It looks fantastic, though. So maybe I’ll reconsider in a couple of years… like reading that Dan Brown book.

  2. Thanks, Tayari. Link is fixed!

    RJ: I actually would really love to see yours. So I hope you change your mind sooner than later.

    BRB: At the least. Language also is built for that. A la Laurie Anderson…

  3. I like how your Queen of the Night pages have this huge ‘dark’ right in the middle, and ‘neverwhere’ becomes an idea of its own.

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