You Are Not The Bad Guy In This

I have this theory that during the TV writers strike, people rediscovered reading. And I said nothing about that theory, for fear of course of being laughed at. But now book sales are up and still growing, and TV viewership is down and flat. Independent bookstores are reporting sales growth in the last year. American Idol, long the network bonanza, is experiencing viewer losses. It’s very simple. Everyone is reading again.

But, with no new Harry Potter book out, what are they reading?

It may be these are unrelated forces. But it may not be. Of course, it could be the book trailer phenom on youtube, improving sales. Of which I think this one, by Dennis Cass, is perhaps the best one:

Dennis’s new book is called Head Case: How I Almost Lost My Mind, Trying To Understand My Brain. He also has what looks like a website, called Dennis Cass Wants You To Be More Awesome. I think it’s my new favorite thing. Just, if you look carefully, it’s not really a website. It’s a Social Network. Youtube promos are basically yesterday…

via Gawker

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