Boy Crisis Having Vote Crisis, Please Help

A former student of mine, Victor Vazquez, soon to be appearing in a video from MGMT, is in a band of his own, called Boy Crisis. When he first told me, I was, I’ll admit, so skeptical, though inside I knew that was a cool name for a band. Victor, to be clear, as a writer, is a kind of cross between Hunter S. Thompson and Juan Rulfo, and he’s at least a triple-threat: while advising him on the writing of an amazing novel at Wesleyan a few years back, I discovered he was also a campus art star, with a popular comic in the campus paper. And now this–I confess, when he told me, I first thought it seemed like something that would be in the way.

Sometimes he’s a little needy with me and I can’t work it out (I may have ditched on him at a party somewhere in what I like to call Crown Slope last fall—Victor, you lived! You got home!*) but he is brilliant, and I love his band. So much. Which is to say, I was wrong.**

Because of my nefarious act last fall, I am now exhorting you to go to that previous myspace link, listen to the band and if you like them, follow this link and vote for them at the Deli.

*Sometimes the best thing you can do for a bird is to push it out of the nest. Victor, I say this with a lot of love. Good luck!

**Victor is beginning at the New School’s MFA program in fiction this fall, where Sufjan Stevens also went. Who knows how it will all turn out. Victor could just as easily make singing comicbooks.

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