America Discovers Middle Class Gone, Held Everything Together

I’m not an economist, but even I know that you can’t keep wages down, force people to pay outlandish medical, gas and home loan prices and gouge their financial services with late fees and surprise interest rates and still have anyone with any money to buy anything.

Okay. Well, I’ll see you guys at the water riots.


  1. Is it bad of me to think that it’s so not a big deal for Spitzer to have been seeing a prostitute? Big whoop dee doo. Everyone knows that politicians aren’t the moral compasses we expect them to be; in fact, we all know that politicians are all hypocrites, so why should Spitzer be held to a higher standard? Bleh… politics… it’s really mystifying. I don’t understand the desire that people have for entering that realm of surrealism.

  2. Hi FuMan: Sorry I missed this. No, I don’t think it’s bad that you don’t think it’s a big deal. I don’t think it’s a big deal either, not enough for him to leave office over. It was a political hit on a Democratic star.

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