Whose 80s Anyway?

When I was a student at Wesleyan University in the 80s, I used to go to house music parties at Malcolm X House. They usually started at about 1AM and ran until 5AM. There was usually no alcohol available. They were held in the basement, and the only light in the room was off of the dj booth, the light the dj used to see the records.

I’d dance until I could barely stand and then go outside and in the cold air, steam would come off of me.

I don’t think anything’s ever been as much fun since.

For reasons I don’t understand, people now seem to think of this as the 80s.

But for me this was the 80s [yes, this video is an 80s homage and not 80s vintage].

The DJ back then would have been able to mix the two songs together, of course. If you can do this, and you do, please be in touch with me immediately.

Thanks to my friend Suheir Hammad, who uses this song in one of her new poems, and made me remember it last week.


  1. The 80’s for me was one big stretch of Sesame Street then the onslaught of Ninja Turtles, which included me purchasing way too many toys. Oh youth.
    I’m still searching for a great dance experience in life.

  2. I used to smoke in bed and stare out the window, singing along to Kate Bush. I had a room that I later discovered was the “wake room” of the house, where in days gone by they’d lay a body out for a wake.

    I was basically almost a Goth.

  3. you already know which 80s I was…

    I figured I was gonna grow up and marry Grace Jones and then have to leave her for the lead singer from a-ha.

    I like to think I’ve managed to one-up my adolescent daydreams.

    god, I miss my hair.

    and I’ve recently been giving some serious though to tracking down some parachute pants. I think they have to come back, it’s like skinny cargos. I think I have a sweater they’d look rather sharp with.

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