Me, Talking To Emily Barton On The Phone About Certain Kinds of Jacket Copy

Me: It’s like getting set up on a date with a guy you don’t really like anyway, and so you wear the dress you think he’ll like, and then you go, you’re at the party, he’s there, he ignores you anyway, and the guy you really like sees you in the horrible dress.

Not that any of this has ever happened to me.


  1. Of course, I’m now trying to picture what kind of dress you’d wear.

    Also, isn’t that the plot of a Jane Austen novel?

  2. Me in any dress is going to be a bad dress.

    Also, not a Jane Austen expert here. But…it seems like you might be right.

  3. I’m seeing something courtly…


    a poof of blond shipwreck and some little shoes…

    I imagine it would be enough pomp and flounce that you could certainly pull off the dress.

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