In Which I Find A New Motto

6:10 PM lance: take the extra shot
they always seem to ask at the airport bar….
I’ve always thought it was funny, make it a double for a dollar or two more.
6:11 PM so I’d say the new motto should be “take the extra shot”
me: heh
6:12 PM lance: 🙂
6:14 PM me: I’ll try it out
6:15 PM that’s a shot of espresso, right?
lance: yeah, sure, why not.
usually when I’m at the airport its jack or gin….
6:16 PM but if espresso is what you’re flying with…why not.
so, another day of pavement pounding resulted in the coveting of luxury goods.
6:17 PM montbanc boheme was today’s distraction.
the platinum , not gold trim.
6:18 PM I’m easily distracted by shiny objects.
6:19 PM and I’ve decided that the very concept of online applications with accompanying “tests” is morally….
well, it’s kinda fucked up.
6:20 PM something soul-less going on out there.
6:22 PM me: wait
for credit cards?
lance: no, for employment.
6:23 PM in the world of retail it’s all online apps and screening now.
6:24 PM they all have like 30 minute multiple choice “tests” to pre-screen applicants.
so, in a nutshell….
they want drones.
6:25 PM don’t even get me started on my level of disgust at learning this.
paper applications and personalities don’t really do it anymore.
me: wow
6:26 PM “tests”
like, what’s a question
(I feel a blog post coming on)
lance: the next time you’re wondering why service is so bad at wherever…. consider that the corp screened out the personality
basic questions.
6:27 PM “do you have many regrets in life?”
” you prefer being in the middle of a crowd”
“you complete tasks before starting something else”
6:28 PM me: haha! This is going to be the best blog post ever
lance: and the answers are the multiple choice ; strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree.


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