The Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Semifinals: Marco Rafala Advances To The Top Semifinals

My friend and former student Marco Rafala has made it to the Amazon Breakthrough Novelist semifinals.

He writes:

First there were 5,000 entries and then 800 semifinalists, and now I thought you’d like to know that I made it to the next phase: the Top 100 Semifinalist round. I honestly never imagined I’d still be in this race.

I’m incredibly happy for him.

Penguin will read the 100 semifinalists and then put the final ten on Amazon for readers to judge again. In the meantime, the 100 Semifinalist entries are available at Amazon for readers to  download, read and review. Thanks to all of you who supported Marco, and if you haven’t yet checked him or any of the other semifinalists out, go over to Amazon now.

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