I Don’t Know What To Call This, Because I’m So Appalled.

Scene: Chevy Chase, MD. A small suburban neighborhood. My sister is moving to California. It’s June. The movers are packing and as I eat lunch, I speak with one of the movers, a young woman in charge of packing the delicate items, who’s told me she’s earning money while in college.

Me: We lost power last night because of the storm. But it wasn’t for very long.

Mover: You’re lucky. We still don’t have power back in my neighborhood.

Me: It’s not luck, exactly. The neighbor next door here is the president’s adviser on the Mideast. So, they work pretty quick in neighborhoods like this.

Mover: What’s the Mideast?

Me: (Tries to hide fear of her question) Uh, you know, Iran, Iraq.

Mover: I don’t know what that is.

Me: They’re…we’re at war with Iraq?

Mover: [Shrugs].

Follow the link to today’s NY Times article, Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile To Knowledge?:


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