Short Exchanges At The AWP: In The Bar At The Hilton

Scene: I go to the bar at the Hilton, to meet up with Aaron Hamburger and get a drink. There’s one chair. I sit down. We’re surrounded by 7500 writers on several floors, in New York for the Associated Writing Programs Conference. In the seat next to me, I recognize a woman from grad school.

Former Classmate From Iowa: Hey!

Me: Hey!

FCFI: How are you? [Embargoed Short Exchange Of Biographies To Protect Her Identity].

Me: Yes. They’re great.

FCFI: You know, you’re a lot friendlier than you used to be, back at school.

Me: I am?

FCFI: You don’t remember how you used to be?

Me: No. I’m having Mean Amnesia.

FCFI: I won’t remind you then.

[Author’s note: Too late!]


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