Briefly Noted: This Week’s Header

Yes, this week’s header is a picture of me as a small child, reading a magazine. I can only make out the ad with a promise of a 5,000 scholarship. The only things I remember with ads like that were comic books.

Note the amazing blue corduroy couch, my favorite place for over a decade to sit and read or nap, and the rifle in the corner. My grandmother knitted the blanket on the couch. There’s a hanging of what might have been pony, on which are pictured palomino horses, running.

It was 1974.



  1. The style of that blanket, called a “granny square afghan,” is very “in” again. Alex, if you had it, you would be so retro. Find it! Throw it on the couch you own now!

  2. Sofa looks like one my mother still has– from Harnden furniture out of Vienna, NY, if memory serves.

    Cute, you were/are.

    And Jane K is dead on about the granny squares. In a past life I bought and sold antiques and toward the tail end of that “career” I kept my eye peeled for just such handiwork.

    Later in life, I attempted to crochet my own. Can you imagine?


  3. RJ: The idea of you crocheting is so, so great, actually.

    Jane: Yes. I’ll tell mom, though I think nothing would make her part with it. Also, as I write this, I realize, my mom’s name is also Jane. This makes me think you’d know how she feels about this.

    Sd: So very 70s.

    And Mattilda: It was unreal, how comfortable that couch was. Looking at the picture makes me miss it all over again.

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