The Dollar Is The New Peso, etc.

I am working to get the rest of my LWC diaries up but while you wait, some miscellaneous items for your perusal:

  • For the last month, I’ve been saying, “The dollar is the new peso”. But look, it was just the zeitgeist, bubbling up inside my brain: “Pay attention as you watch the catchy new music video from the mega-star rapster Jay-Z, ‘Blue Magic’, and see if you can’t spot the product placement. It is not a fancy car that he is endorsing – although both his rides, a Rolls- Royce and soft-top Bentley, are plenty spiffy – but rather a currency – and it is not the dollar. Like so many in the hip-hop genre, the song is a celebration of ostentatious wealth. But capturing the attention of commentators in this clip, shot in the glimmering, neon-lit canyons of New York City, are the repeated glimpses of flickering wads of €500 notes.” Via Dave Usborne in New York for The Independent Online.
  • Andy Parker found this excellent piece about how homeless queer youth are using video to connect to each other, but terrifyingly, the video had been taken down.
  • Meredith McGill and I continue to look for possible cures for our internet ‘interest’. Korea has a dramatic solution: Jump Up Internet Rescue School.
  • And from my graphic novel collaborator, Teddy: Cirque Du Soleil Sex Crimes Investigations.

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  1. Likewise, I’m very dissapointed the video was taken down, but as I’m also looking into queer youth homelessness in the present and past 30 years for a story I’m working on, I did some hunting and found this blog; it looks like it might be the same program the HASTAC blog describes:
    And the Cirque video was brilliant. Not quite as the over the top as Law and Order SVU, but I didn’t feel guilty after watching the Cirque video. And I laughed.

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