1. I haven’t mentioned him in months!

    I’d say start bucking the trend and bring up Langston Hughes.


  2. Or another way of putting it might be, I think it’s interesting that so many different kinds of writers are looking to Baldwin’s work for courage in these times.

  3. certainly.

    but, I’m sitting here wondering…

    why the wait.

    and even; what next.

    and, even skinny jeans can speak of something else… a society in search of a moment to break from what they all know in their hearts needs to be broken from.

    no disrespect meant in the lighthearted…


  4. I actually read Baldwin for the first time this year–such is the life of a teenager who read Lord of the Rings nine times: you catch up on stuff. I wrote a poem about it, actually….interesting that you bring up courage. Hmm….

  5. Lance: I was also being light-hearted!

    Lee: Ha! Also nine times here.

    Chris: Oi. I think after Giovanni’s Room, a good place to go is the essays: The Fire Next Time, for example.

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