I had this dream where Britney was in Congress and the media was forced to cover what they really do in there

9:33 PM Laura: greetings

9:34 PM me: hi

i’m reading the news

Laura: how are you?

me: meh

Laura: meh is right

me: I’m grouchy

too much to do, not enough time

Laura: I know that feeling.

makes me cranky

9:35 PM I am often cranky

Today I saw Newt Gingrich. Also, a mailbox dressed as R2D2.

Sadly not Newt dressed as R2D2

me: and I’m tired of the way all of the media outlets give me the same stories.

me: yeah…

see, now I’m on a gossip page and it’s like Britney deathwatch

last year it was Anna Nicole deathwatch

Laura: and then she died

me: always some blonde girl they have to chase around until they die.

9:54 PM Laura: I’d rather it was Paris Hilton

me: it was like after princess di instead of never again it was ‘oh yes annually’

Laura: that they chased around until she died

me: they’re like the virgins getting tossed into the volcano

it’s so, so gross.

Laura: lol – I was just going to say it’s now a ritual sacrifice

me: it so seriously is.

9:55 PM Laura: to appease the media gods. bread and circus.

blood-thirsty circus, per usual

9:57 PM me: it’s never a guy

Laura: the gods don’t like guys, it seems. just blond girls.

me: Owen Wilson tried it and people were like ‘oh please’ and now he’s all ship-shape in time for Darjeeling Limited Stand and Model sessions.

Laura: they are very picky, the gods

me: you mean, on their plate.

no guys on their plate.

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