No Regret

From yesterday’s search term traffic stats, my favorite one so far:

korean artistes and sleep around

This week’s new Google Search header image for this week comes from the film No Regret, a Korean independent film released last year, a love story between a young orphaned college student, who supports himself as a male escort, and a wealthy young man who falls in love with him, and decides to come out, ending his engagement with a young woman his family wants him to marry.

It doesn’t really work out the way they think it will.

The film’s making its way through festivals right now, and I’m excited to get a chance to see it soon.

This is the very first gay feature film made in Korea, a landmark, and it set box office records for independent film in Korea.


  1. This is NOT the first gay feature film made in Korea. The execrable “Road Movie” starring Hwang Jung Min came first, and I think there was another one before that… “The River That Flows to the Future” I think.

  2. It has been written about widely as the first, so, if that’s a mistake, it’s a widely made mistake. Thanks for checking in.

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