Ask Koreanish: How Can I Keep Up With All My Friends Blogs?

Question: How can I (or how does one) keep up with all of my friends blogs?

Answer: Don’t.

Wasn’t that easy?

Asking the question might mean that the blogs are not in and of themselves fun enough to keep up with, and that is really the fault of the blogger, first of all. Second, few things provoke existential despair in writers and academics like falling behind with books by friends, much less their blogs. If someone is strange enough that they confront you about not keeping up with their blog and if they consider it a betrayal that you don’t, chances are they need too much of the wrong kind of social attention. And should be told as much.

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  1. I have long known that most of the free world gave up on my blog months ago.

    and I’ve ruthlessly culled my list to ten… 3 quarks and the NYT are hell to keep up with though.

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