10 Things You Secretly Know In Your Heart Are True

  1. 240 million Americans are against the war in Iraq.
  2. Sitting US Senators are unconcerned that we lost the right of Habeas Corpus last year and are not taking action to restore it. If one of them is yours, contact them immediately. Cloture vote is Wed. night and we have to turn this around. A right to a fair trial is one of the rights that made this country great.
  3. No one wants even one more social networking site.
  4. The Canadian dollar is just 3.7 cents behind the US Dollar right now.
  5. The GOP thinks it is turning things around right now.
  6. Brad Pitt is that guy who gives up his personality for yours when you date him, never realizing how much you might hate yourself. And how that will affect your relationship to him.
  7. This bio of Alan Greenspan describes everything wrong with your world now (via Wonkette): “Greenspan is the beloved Fed chairman who presided over the 1987 stock market crash, the early 1990s’ recession, the Internet stock bubble and its bloody explosion, and the current housing bubble collapse that will ultimately lead to a Global Depression and the end of modern civilization, which ultimately won’t be missed. But under his Objectivist Stewardship of the American Economy over two decades, the richest 5% of the United States became richer while the entire rest of the country slipped deeper into debt-soaked serfdom and the wealthiest one-tenth of one percent all became Multi Billionaires and created a secret parallel America of private-jet airports, pleasure submarines and massive walled fortresses protecting private ski resorts, champion golf courses and miles of “public” coastline.”
  8. Heroes is a terrible TV show with bad acting and bad writing, also bad special effects. And it feels like it is unstoppable for reasons that no one can identify but that seem involved with the world as no one wants to admit that it is, which is to say, as it is described above.
  9. In the aftermath of Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of the WSJ, their reporters are racing to see who can drop reportorial standards of journalism quickest, now that they are competing for his love against the NY Post.
  10. The absence of the US at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, days after the dollar reached a new 15-year-low, is a sign of our new status, as being as economically relevant to future international politics as a small non-EU European country.


  1. After checing out the Habeus Corpus Restoration senator contact site, I’m proud to say that both senators in my home state (MD) are in support of the restoration, which I called ithem in thanks for. Amused by your slight break in the more serious issues to bash Heroes. One of my friends described it after watching the first few episodes “it’s a terrible, terrible show, but infuriatingly addictive!” Me…I like Heroes better than Smallville and always thougtht Milo Ventimiglia from it is cute since he was on Gilmore Girls.

  2. You’re a hero, Chris. Not those creeps on TV…I mean, I’m sure the actors are perfectly nice people. And yes, I think the one thing Hero Lovers and Hero Haters can agree on is that Milo is hot.

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