Writing For Reality TV, Like Crime, Doesn’t Pay

It’s time to dump the term “reality TV.” At this point, it’s rather like referring to packaged fruit snacks as “produce.” My suggested replacement would be “partially scripted TV,” which I imagine would be preferable to “fabricated” for those who work that end of the business.

The issue has moved well beyond the simple mislabeling of a genre: It’s impacting innumerable livelihoods by preventing those who create material for shows like last year’s test case, “America’s Next Top Model” (where some staffers unsuccessfully struck), from receiving union scale and benefits as writers. It’s sure to remain a sticking point in negotiations between producers and the WGA, West, that resume next week.

And you thought Tyra came up with all her own lines.

From the Hollywood Reporter, via Media Bistro’s newsfeed.

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