85 Scoutmasters a year x 60 years = 5100 Scoutmasters

CBS reports that in the last 60 years of the Boy Scouts, 5100 Scoutmasters have been removed for sexual abuse and pedophilia scandals.

Via Rawstory:

The attorney told CBS his analysis showed troop leaders were being tossed out for suspected abuse every three days before 1991 and every 2 days since then.

The Boy Scouts insist that these numbers represent only a tiny percentage of scoutmasters, and the organization now requires criminal background checks and has instituted educational policies intended to prevent abuse. Despite the increased scrutiny, the head of the Scouts’ child abuse prevention program was convicted in 2005 of trafficking in child pornography.

The Scouts are saying that this represents a small percentage of the total number of Scoutmasters, but. . .there’s no mention of concern for the victims, much less an apology to the families and the victims. Once again, a major institution is caught out basically pimping children and their response is to cover their own and to show no concern whatsoever for the children affected. From the Catholic Church to the Washington Page program to this, it’s the same pattern, institutionalized pedophilia run by narcissists who have no ability to admit their wrong-doing.

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