Best blog comment of the week (ever?) at the NYT blogs

From the comment section under today’s story about the refusal of CNBC and MSNBC to run Freedom Watch’s ads linking Iraq to 9-11.

Ari [Fleischer]and the Republicans are vultures, corporate vultures who raped 9-11 into an international oil heist they thought they could handle but the Iraqis won’t play fair and sign over the second largest oil reserve on the planet. I am an Air Force Vietnam War veteran and we are murdering the residents to steal this oil. Everyone on the planet hates us. I hate us because I have to be governed by illiterate, lying, oil stealing, murdering hicks. There is no honor or victory in shooting residents (insurgents, extremists) between the eyes while some fat psychopath like Buchanan tells you it doesn’t matter how we got there leaning over the dead body.

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