Cheonhajangsa Madonna

From the site Junge Jurnalisten’s coverage of the Berlin Gay Film Festival, a description of Cheonhajangsa Madonna, also called Like A Virgin:

Ssireum [Korean wrestling] is respect for your opponent and for yourself. It takes a wrestler’s inner strength to grab hold of the belt, search for a weak point and throw his rival through the air at exactly the right moment. On the surface Dong-gu is a likable enough boy, destined for a heavyweight career on the sandy floor. But a girl in a red dress who loves to sing is hiding deep down inside of him. This girl is desperately trying to crawl out into the light. She helps Dong-gu to stand up against his father and to dance his way into the hearts of the heavy wrestlers. With Madonna in his blood and round for round, Dong-gu draws near to his real self. Strong girls can give as good as they get.

Can’t wait. 

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