1. I just clicked through — I’m glad you posted this! I like the Grammar Piano blog and just read about 15 posts. Random, but welcoming, honest, funny.

  2. wait…..presumably, you were stopping by macdowell for crumpets and a lunch moments — or you’re posting in the midst of a summer retreat?? i can imagine that as a amusing place to be in several ways…..then again, so are several places that don’t allow ostriches!!

  3. I am in fact here on a retreat, posting from MacDowell.

    I never really understand your comments, Ricardo. But I appreciate that you come by so much.

  4. ****
    perhaps, what’s most amusing — the entire time i was reading this entry, i was thinking of the recent rise of presentations of the “mayan calendar” brouhaha — perhaps, we can also go to the introductions of basic hopi warnings … regardless, i find ken’s camel toe and the clinging to the mayan calendar equally hilarious. there is obvious imbalance. thank you.
    i could say it relates to koyaanasqatsi, but here in the states — you’ve been instructed to blame it on al-qaeda….or internalized homophobia like blanche…..the celluloid closet made attempts yet it missed the point of so many contributions — but mainstream bland painting by numbers has led to stale crumpets on christopher street as well. then again, when artists lifting of material becomes so obvious that gay men still buy it — well, one could say anything about katrina and 9/11 and the other pointy laundry list issues while the entire population turns a blind eye.

    koyaanasqatsi. beautiful music as well. and whirling dervishes that seem so far removed from an operatic k-hole.

    cheers….have a wonderful month.

  5. Ricardo, I still have only a faint idea what you’re talking about, but I’m pretty certain you need your own blog. And I mean that as gently as possible.

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