america the yes I just said that to you

As told to me last night by my brother-in-law, Adam:

I was on my way to a barbecue and I didn’t have any beer with me, so I stopped into a convenience store to get some. There was this older rich white guy in there standing at the magazine rack, and he said to the cashier, Tiger Woods just had a kid.  He’s married to her [points to photo of wife]. I just wonder what that kid’s going to look like.

And the cashier, a Latina woman, said, Excuse me? What did you just say?

He said, Well, you know, he’s half white, and she’s white, and…[and here Adam added, and… Tiger’s not half white]

The cashier said, He’s going to look like a fucking human being, that’s what he’s going to look like.

Adam said to me, I thought, Yes. Thank you. I felt like I’ve been waiting 34 years to hear someone say that. That’s what I love about this country.

Me too. Happy Fourth of July.  And congratulations to the family of Tiger Woods.


  1. Heading to the house for a week or two.
    I hope your days are restful and touch the very places which need refreshing.

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