ok, see you in a bit

An excerpt from a conversation via gmail chat with my correspondent in Rome, Thiago:

me: there’s a korean boyband named god

they’re pretty


thiago: haha excellent

speaking of asian i met this italian japanese 6’2 gorgeous kid

not sure what his orientation is

we met at a club, i didnt get his #… he bought a drink… but he might have been trying to get to my roommate she`s hot

me: ah

thiago: when i see him again ill impress him by calling him his japanese name haha

me: yeah, I always …buy
the roommate a drink.

thiago: he bought ME a drink i meant


me: You’re so silly

thiago: i know weird huh

me: of course he liked you.

thiago: maybe, i did like him, but me and my roommate brought two british 21 yo soccer players back home haha


me: and did you all have sex together?

thiago: not that naughty haha

we each had one, and in fact she didnt put out at all, she just brought the other guy to her room so I could hook up… she`s so sweet

and I didn`t have sex either, he was straight and up for making out and swordfighting only… hahah and that`s straight in England

Sent at 5:18 PM on Saturday

thiago: but i want a boyfriend really


i mean… as to grow up a bit<

me: wait, he is straight but he wanted to make out with you and… rub dicks?

thiago: yeah man, that was the story haha

me: that’s crazy

thiago: hot

me: so, you did of course.

thiago: of course

me: excellent.

thiago: it happened to me in brazil with another brit

he was with his GF

and he was like… alright, honey, imma go and rub dicks with this guy, see you later, and she wasnt even startled hahaha

brits are nuts

me: did she laugh?

thiago: no she was like…. ok, see you in a bit haha

italians all look super gay but they’re not

but they wear tight italian designer clothes

overpluck their eyebrows

and wear the rainbow flag


the rainbow flag is straight here wtf

me: that would be confusing.

it is?

what is it for?

thiago: churches have it

it`s for PEACE




  1. I used to know G.O.D’s words by heart when I was little. I think I may have one of their CDs lying around somewhere.

    Hey, I met a half-Italian, half-Japanese guy, too. I’m trying to write about him, but I haven’t been in the right mood as of late. (I’ll send the stuff soon, by the way).

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