bROKe in Korea

The star of this week’s Google Image-search Custom Header is an anonymous Korean punk rocker found through bROKe In Korea, a message board for Korean punk rockers.

I’m researching Korean speed metal bands for my third novel. If anyone can help or wants to help, leave me a message here or email me at emperor (a) rebeliloveyou dot com.


  1. i just met someone yesterday who produced a documentary about the punk rock scene in seoul – not exactly what you’re looking for but might be interesting nonetheless. more info at:

    and of course you could come here and see the bands for yourself … seoul and korea has changed so much, it’s worth a trip.

  2. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but found this online store with a list of Korean metal CD’s, it goes into punk as the list goes down; the band Black Hole is highlighted:
    And two forum pages on the topic:
    I’m doing research on the whole spectrum of the American punk music scene, for what I hope to be a collection of short stories.

  3. I just found this comment. The guy in the picture is Paul, a half-Korean American who played guitar for Suck Stuff and Rux. He recently joined the US army and is gone now.

    As for Korean speed metal, I know it exists but I don’t follow metal closely.

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