The Rails of Korea

Tonight I’m searching for images of the Korean War. I don’t really know why, I’m just sort of following a feeling. Last week my friend Shauna sent me this link to an article about North Korea and South Korea allowing rail travel again between the two countries.

For some reason I thought of the comics my cousins showed me on my second trip to Korea, where North Koreans were pictured as demonic. I found this.

This one of Stalin Buddha is amazing.

Stalin Buddha

The title to this one is, “Why Must Your Leaders Bow To Russian Masters?”

This next one was prescient. “North Korean Farmers! Hide Your Rice! Don’t Starve For Communism!” It’s dated 1952.

I keep thinking about who made them, and who saw them, and what happened to them. I try to imagine putting this on a wall and walking home.

All of these images are from this collection over at Kirkwood Community College’s website.

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  1. thanks alex….
    the imagery is amazing and powerful just as the denial of conditions of the people were ignored until the threat of a nuclear missile or power use became an issue — then it becomes something to which one must pay attention.

    just as people use examples of atrocities or other harmful approaches as sustenance on which they would raise their children — meanwhile, benny hill only goes for so long and then and then and then and well, you know — the situation with korea since world war II has not been pretty for the north in particular — comfort women to the illusion of industrial communism. it’s not the people who matter — it’s the threat of another country harnessing power that would be larger than merely oppressing or enslaving their people.

    cheers alex….have a beautiful weekend.

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