We aren’t study machines

“People are social animals,” said Jason Lee, director of the Metropolitan Mental Health Center in Seoul. “Some apparently want a companion even when committing suicide.”

In 2005, in the first rally of its kind, hundreds of high school students demonstrated in central Seoul, shouting, “We aren’t study machines!” They gathered to mourn 15 students from around the country who had killed themselves, apparently because of the intense pressure to succeed.

The Seoul subway system began erecting glass walls on platforms after 95 people, some wearing black plastic bags over their heads, threw themselves in front of subway trains in 2003, according to transit officials. Doors in the glass wall open only when trains pull into the station.

Today’s Times has a piece about online suicide pacts in Korea and the 18% suicide rate.

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  1. it kind of reminds me of the handmaid’s tale….or wear your seatbelt as we’re concerned for your safety, yet, please take this paltry armor and automatic weapon and help support our erroneous excuse for battle!! we want your body.

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